Tesco required a film to highlight the issue of ‘Security’ in its UK stores, where it’s estimated that tens of millions of pounds are lost from theft every year.

This high-impact drama – loosely based on the style of modern cult ‘gangster’ movies – brings to life the issue of in-store theft, encouraging staff to proactively stay alert to activities of all possible perpetrators and to be aware of the different ways in which theft takes place in-store. The film has been shown to all 300,000 in-store Tesco staff in internal sessions, both raising awareness of the severity of the problem and empowering staff to approach suspicious-looking individuals with the ‘offer of help’.

“The film aims to elicit an emotional response (hinting at personal benefits to staff) as well as giving them the necessary tips to deal with suspects, thereby creating a more alert and engaged workforce – the biggest proven deterrent to shoplifters”