Balancing Traditional and Modern Qatar

Qatar is a nation brimming with personality – a wonderful blend of history, traditions, and modernity coming together everywhere you look.



It’s one of the most beautiful aspects of Qatar’s character and identity: the way that past and present meet across all walks of life every day.

It was one of the first things we connected with when we first started working in Qatar 15 years ago, and it’s something that helped us fall in love so quickly with the country. It’s a place that’s able unite a love for its history with a fervent excitement for the future.



How could we not want to become part of such a wonderful story?


From Doha to the World

It’s little wonder that we chose to set up a permanent home in Doha so we can combine over 30 years of filmmaking expertise with our in-depth knowledge and insight of this incredible country, its people, and its character.




Our deep, respectful knowledge of Qatar is at your disposal, and our many clients tell us this is one of the key reasons they choose us to deliver the right content for them every time!

We’re committed to making films for our clients that showcase Qatar’s depth of character, from Doha to the desert, bringing together tradition and modernism throughout – and we’d love to have the chance to work with you.


Local Team, International Reach

Our team in Qatar is a diverse blend of local filmmaking talent and international professionals: Qataris proud to be a part of one of the country’s fastest-growing industries and people from overseas who fell in love with the country and chose to call it home.




We’re a thriving blend of characters from all walks of life who take great pride in bringing to life the character of Qatar at every opportunity. We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our scripts and creative ideas, drawing on nuances that only locals to Qatar would notice, or showcasing unique locations in-country that only those with our connections would be able to access.

Unveiling Qatar’s Treasures

Whether it’s the bustle of the Souq Waqif, the unique lines of Mashrabiya architecture, the many historic forts, or the futuristic Doha skyline, we love to showcase Qatar’s past, present, and future in inspiring, memorable ways.




We push ourselves to deliver content that connects with Qataris and international audiences alike, respecting the nation’s history as well as drawing on its forward-facing outlook.

Homegrown Knowledge & Insight

We’ve worked on almost every kind of film content you can think of, whether it’s VIP events or brand launches, inaugurations or product showcases, TVC campaigns, and plenty more besides. This body of work has given us a wealth of knowledge and insight about Qatar and its character, all of which we incorporate into every project we deliver.

We’ve also delivered high-profile projects for the holy month of Ramadan as well as annual national celebrations such as National Day and Qatar Sports Day, so we understand the significance of these occasions in Qatar – and how to communicate their prestige and importance with respect and authenticity.



If you’re looking to connect with domestic TV audiences in Qatar or to share your story further afield, we’ve got the insight and knowledge to deliver the right film for you.

We specialise in delivering content with emotion that grabs hearts and minds and apply this to every film we deliver – and it’s been integral to our success.

Our Clients, Our Films

Of course, you’d expect us to talk positively about our success and our expertise – but you can also take it from the many happy clients we’ve worked with during our many years in Qatar.

The names below are just a handful of notable names from across Qatar’s many thriving sectors – and we’d love to be able to add you to the list!



We pride ourselves on delivering creative products of high quality that showcase Qatar’s past and future in every frame, and we’ve shared some of our favourite films that demonstrate our ability to bring Qatar’s traditions and character to life for our clients:

Qatar Post: Dear Qatar

Qatar Post’s main aim is to provide the very best postal services across Qatar, embracing the advent of digital life at every stage.

The organization recently went through a transformation process to modernise and build a sustainable, more contemporary postal sector. By doing so, they also hope to help build a connected society in Qatar and to connect this wonderful country to the world.



To help raise awareness of Qatar Post’s new brand identity and core values – reliability, effectiveness, openness, modernity, and excellence – they required a film to spread the word.

That’s where we came in!



In keeping with the theme of postal services, we crafted the film as a love letter to Qatar where the film itself is in conversation with the nation, contemplating what makes Qatar so special – and why modernising the postal sector will help drive Qatar forward.



Made in partnership with Ogilvy, ‘Dear Qatar’ helps mark a new beginning for the postal services of Qatar.



Mwani Qatar: Gateway to Qatar

Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani Qatar) manage the seaports, quays, dry ports, container, cruise and passenger terminals in Qatar, as well as providing navigational assistance and pilotage.

Qatar is currently going through a major transformation with some of the most ambitious and prestigious infrastructure projects the world has ever seen, all of which will change the face of Qatar and the lives of all those living there for generations to come.



Mwani Qatar’s management of Hamad Port, Al-Ruwais Port, and Doha Port is a vital part of this story – a new suite of commercial container ports that promises to strengthen Qatar’s links to the world – and our film tells the story in an unforgettable way.



It has since won a Bronze award in the Corporate Brand category at the Brand Film Festival!




Qatar Tourism : Essence of Qatar

We’re delighted to have formed strong partnerships with many governmental and public bodies in Qatar, helping them promote positive change across the country in a range of ways – and our work with Qatar Tourism is no exception.

We’re proud to have produced the State of Qatar’s first ever destination brand film which first premiered at the World Travel Market in London.

QT wanted a TVC that would reflect Qatar’s intangible qualities and personality, speaking both to the people of Qatar and to audiences abroad.



To meet the call, we crafted a series of films that feel distinctly different and with a strong sense of creative artistry and cinematic musical immersion.



Essence of Qatar demonstrates Qatar’s innate qualities and character to the discerning traveller by capturing the country’s warmth of soul and spirit of vision – and we took great pride and satisfaction in helping showcase a country that we love to the world!



It’s since been played on a wide range of channels and at venues all over the world in a range of versions, including a series of 30- and 60-second TVCs, as well as winning major film awards around the world at Cannes, New York, London, and Hamburg.

We’ve produced an extensive range of films for QT for different campaigns that we’re incredibly proud of, but Essence of Qatar was the first – and it’ll always have a key place in our hearts.



Get in Touch

Simply put, we understand Qatar intimately and we love to use our local expertise and knowledge to help current and new clients alike.

We’re always looking to develop our brand in Qatar to keep us at ahead of the curve. We work tirelessly to ensure that we maintain our reputation as a high-quality Qatari film-making brand that can bring any project to life through films that live long in people’s memory.

We’d love to have the opportunity to use this expertise to help you bring your marketing to life – so get in touch today!

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