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We are the Leading Film-Making Production Company in Qatar

Based in Doha, Qatar, we have a rich history of collaboration with our clients producing films, video productions, and delivering every variety of media production around the world. Global experience, local services. Our films and videos are creative and appeal to global audiences as well as our clients in Qatar. Our approach is welcomed by clients and corporates around the world who value our production values, service delivery and expertise in providing production support on Qatar productions.

Film-Fixing In a Nutshell

Picture the scene: you’ve worked hard to secure a project abroad, and the client loves the idea. But how do you set up the production in a territory you have never worked in before? That’s where the fixer come in.

The fixer is one of the most valuable assets in the film production world: someone with intimate local knowledge of a region who can provide production support, using their extensive network to organise and arrange services and events beyond the easy access of those outside.

When it comes to film-fixing Qatar productions, we lead the way.

Why Choose The Edge?

We lead from the front with our full-service team based in Doha, Qatar. Our film production model has been honed over thirty years. Qatar is an international hub for the world’s film production industry, and we are proud to be its leading production company.

We’ve 30 years of experience producing virtually every production imaginable – brand films and video, documentaries, TVCs, corporate film & video, social media video content, and more – so we know what needs to go in every kind of film production, and how we can lend that expertise to support others.

Experts In Film-Fixing

As fixers, we can look after everything – no job is too big or too small for us! We’re experts in organising almost everything you can think of when it comes to film productions in Qatar. We work as your production support partner on the ground, organising any and every aspect you need to deliver your project on time and to budget.

We can provide expert assistance at every step of the process to help secure the talent and content you need to delight the client: scouting locations, securing crews, organising casting sessions, permits, interviews, transportation, accommodation, catering, recces, stunt filming, and much more.

Our Fixing Capabilities

As well as being able to offer the services of our internal staff, equipment, and production expertise, we have access to the best external crew and equipment available through our widespread network in Qatar, including 360⁰ filming equipment and drone specialists.

Whether you’re a new client or a fellow production company based outside Qatar and looking to develop a new project, we can offer expert production support, knowledge, and insight to help get your production off the ground.

Local Knowledge
We live and breathe Qatar, and we have many years of insight and connections that come with being locals. Our deep and respectful knowledge of Qatar is at your disposal, and our clients tell us this is one of the reasons they consistently choose us to deliver their creative ideas day in, day out.

Local Network
With over 15 years’ experience in Qatar, our local team can take care of everything required for any film production including background services such as transport, accommodation, catering, and translation as required. Our local knowledge and our network, partnered with your creative vision, will always be a winning combination.

Professional Expertise
Our commercial model, honed over thirty years, has film production at its heart, with a keen eye on your business requirement. The production model is based on our view that films must deliver on the standards expected of our clients in Doha, Qatar, and around the world – and so we know the standards that are needed to deliver fixer support to others.

Setting Us Apart

We focus on combining creative excellence with a business focus, that is what sets us apart from other production companies in Qatar

We can use this expertise to assist in fixing productions for others. Simply put, our film production services are an asset for any partner working on any media or marketing campaign!

Our People, Your People.

Whether it’s to deliver a film production ourselves or to help you with yours, our people are your people – an extension of your own team. Everyone at The Edge is an experienced professional in delivering creative services; an expert in film production, and the production of award-winning work – and all driven to help to bring your commercial and creative ideas to life.

Our clients include

Here To Help

Our unparalleled knowledge of Qatari productions, built from our base in Doha, Qatar, is here for you to access.

No matter your need, we’re here to help bring your production to life through our fixer expertise so that you can reach your chosen audience in Qatar or on the international stage.

Film-fixing from Our Qatar Production Team

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