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We Are The Leading Film-Making Production Company in Qatar.

Based in Doha, Qatar, we have a rich history of collaboration with our clients producing films, video productions, and delivering every variety of media production. Our films are creative and appeal to international audiences as well as our clients in Qatar. Our approach is welcomed by our clients who value our production values and service delivery.

Why Choose The Edge?

We lead from the front with our full-service team based in Doha, Qatar. Our film production model has been honed over thirty years. Qatar is an international hub for the world and we are proud to be its leading production company. Our business delivers corporate film, video productions, and media productions in Qatar that are creative and deliver on their commercial brief. We stand apart from other production companies in Qatar. Our award-winning films excite and inspire all our clients in Qatar.

Our Services

Our team, based in Doha, Qatar, offers the services you would expect from the premier production company: film production, media production, marketing services, video production, and photography. The corporate film and video productions are always delivered within a commercial framework that satisfies the most exacting standards of our clients in Qatar. Our international business ensures that the creative message our clients in Qatar engage us to deliver is commercial, creative and represents Qatar.

Our team in Doha, Qatar offers all the services that provide a complete service including photography, marketing, and social media, alongside film production and corporate campaigns centred around corporate film.

How We Deliver Creative Inspiration to Business

Our commercial model, honed over thirty years, has film production at its heart, with a keen eye on your business requirement. We continually evolve our model to reflect our understanding of media production in Qatar.

The production model is based on our view that films must deliver on the corporate standards expected of our clients in Doha, Qatar and throughout Qatar. Our focus on creative excellence with a business focus sets us apart from the production companies in Qatar. Our film production services deliver film that can be an asset and used in any media or marketing campaign.

Your People

Our people are your people. Experienced creative services professionals. Experts in film production and the production of award-winning work to bring your commercial and creative ideas to life. Our outstanding knowledge of Qatar, built from our base in Doha, Qatar, is there for you to access to bring your production to life and reach your chosen audience in Qatar or on the international stage.

Our portfolio is rich and varied and covers every aspect of film production, from corporate film through video production, photography and marketing if required.

Local Knowledge

From our base in Doha, Qatar, we have been providing film production services for over ten years.

Our deep and respectful knowledge of Qatar is at your disposal. Our clients tell us this is one of the reasons they choose us to deliver their creative idea. We bring this to every service we provide in Qatar combined with our commercial focus on your business objective at every meeting and shoot independent of the media we are working in.

Delivering films for our clients is our passion. Combined with our knowledge of Qatar, it sets us apart from any other of the production companies in Qatar.

The Edge Global
The Edge is an international film production company that delivers media production services across the globe. Our team in Doha, Qatar is supported by our wider production company based in London. Our business team in Qatar meets regularly through video-conferencing with their international colleagues to share the latest developments in media production, marketing, video production, and media services.

'We're proud of our position as the leader amongst production companies in Qatar'

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Our full range of services that span corporate film production in all its elements, from video production to media production, are here – and our team is waiting to show you the best of Qatar.

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We’re proud to be the leading video and film production company in Qatar. It’s a hugely exciting time to be making films, video, and high-resolution photography in Qatar. Vision 2030 is in Qatar’s sights and the exciting prospect of major international events coming to Qatar, such as FIFA World Cup 2022! The last year has been challenging, but our people have responded incredibly, and they allow us to keep pushing for the best. We’ve evolved and adapted to new ways of delivering for our clients in Doha, Qatar and we’d love to help you bring your brand’s vision to life!