A Mother's Grief Ministry of Interior in Qatar

‘Mother’ is part of a series of Road Safety films for the Ministry of Interior in Qatar (MOI). To be targeted at the general population in Qatar, but particularly the younger drivers.  It was screened as a TVC, on Social Media and on Streaming Channels.

In Qatar, road traffic accidents ending in death are all too common. Many of these accidents and deaths are preventable if the drivers obey the basic traffic laws.  The MOI wanted a short film that was visually arresting and warned of the devastating impact to family and loved ones if road safety advice is disregarded.

We discussed at great length many creative approaches in how to convey preventative stories around road safety. Understanding the people and culture of Qatar we knew how far to take the ‘shock’ element of our film campaign.  ‘Mother’ is a perfect example of how to create emotional impact while still respecting the cultural sensibilities of the local audience.

Our schedule for this film was very tight as we shot two separate films as part of a larger safety series for the client in the same location on the same day. We rehearsed the scenes with brilliant local talent meaning that we could get the takes done fairly quickly. The biggest challenge was our shock ending – we only had one shot, taking extra precaution with safety, it was captured in one take perfectly.