Barclays Labversity

‘Labversity’ is the most recent film we’ve produced as part of our long-running relationship with Barclays.

It’s an introductory piece made to support rollout of a new programme and make the case for change in a surprising and compelling way. The programme aims to help leaders within Barclays recognise and respond to the changes happening in the world around us, how they affect customer needs, and how the Bank needs to adapt to continue to provide services to their customers.

It needed to challenge current behaviours and the mindset of leaders – to reset, galvanise and help them be open to new behaviours in a world that never stops moving, and help get learners in the right frame of mind to then undertake the rest of the programme.


Award(s) received:

  • New York Festival TV & Film Awards 2023 – Finalist, Attitudinal Training