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We love our job. We get to create amazing films for clients around the world every day, and we get to work with some of the best talent around.



What’s not to love!?

Our specialised expertise extends beyond the production of high-quality content too – we’ve also got the know-how to get the word out and help your film reach millions of people.

We’ve honed our tried-and-trusted production approach for over 30 years and fostered long-term partnerships with many clients over that same time.

It means we know how to create content that reflects you, showcases what sets you apart from the rest, and how to share that content far and wide to bring in new audiences.

Of course, we wouldn’t ask you to just take our word for it!

Allow us to walk you through one of our most recent success stories – a film that achieved 1 million hits online within 1 week of launch



Showcasing Qatar’s Qualities

The National Tourism Council of Qatar (NTC) and world-renowned creative agency, Grid Worldwide, had developed a strategy for an ambitious multimedia campaign to promote Qatar Sport, highlighting Qatar as a sporting nation that’s Qurated for elite high performance.

The focus would be a TVC that would showcase Qatar’s elite offering as a sporting nation to the rest of the world.

When it comes to showcasing world-class sporting facilities, what better way than with world-class sporting talent?

This was an ideal opportunity to maximise Qatar’s prestigious sporting partnership with Paris St Germain (PSG), one of European football’s most high-profile clubs.

The final film would show a selection of their superstar players at the time – Neymar, Thiago Silva, Angel di Maria, and Gianluigi Buffon – pushing themselves to the limits throughout Qatar, or we like to say…

where the best get better.



Productive Partnership

We’ve been a production partner of choice for both NTC and GRID for many years now, producing a range of award-winning films such as Essence of Qatar.

These many previous collaborations, working on a range of similarly high-profile projects, made us the ideal choice to help meet their needs, and we quickly got to work…



The need for speed

The content needed to be ready for broadcast for Qatar National Sports Day, tie in with the framework of the FIFA World Cup 2022 marketing schedule, and align with PSG’s itinerary whilst the team was on tour in Qatar as part of the mutual partnership.

Simply put, we had a limited window to organise an intensive shoot, capture high-quality footage that would bring the campaign’s goals to life, and deliver high-quality TVC content to a tight schedule.

This wasn’t just another TVC; this was bringing Qatar to the world – and we know exactly what makes Qatar stand apart from the rest…


Local Experts

We’ve been working in Qatar for over 15 years now – and we enjoy every second of it! Since establishing our regional HQ in West Bay back in 2015, we’ve built up an extensive network of local filmmaking talent and production support – and an innate affinity for the country and its rich culture.



Combined with our in-house team of Qatari filmmaking experts and overseas professionals, we’re ideally placed to be able to react to virtually any requirement and deliver high-quality films and related content within almost any timeframe for our clients.

The moment NTC and GRID came to us with the project, we knew exactly what was needed – and got straight to work…


Rising to the challenge

Our local knowledge, our filmmaking expertise, and our partnerships with NTC and GRID gave us the tools to undertake a seamless production.

We were able to quickly assess the size of the required production and source a crew accordingly. Locations and permits were established, logistics were arranged, and we got shooting.

Day 1 saw the production head into the desert where we captured our superstars in action, pushing themselves to the limits, challenging themselves amidst the stunning setting of Qatar’s raw, natural beauty.

Various teaser posts were shared via NTC, PSG, and the players’ social media channels during the day.

On top of this, we had our team capturing behind-the-scenes footage and photography whilst the main shoot took place…



Day 2 saw us head to Doha’s Sports City Complex – the Aspire Zone – and the stunning Khalifa International Stadium. Once again, we captured our stars testing themselves to the limit, but this time using the full range of elite sports equipment available throughout a world-class sports facility.



Once production was complete, we headed to the edit suite. Soon afterwards, we had a finished film ready to roll-out – and it was time to bring Qatar’s sporting excellence to the world…


Incredible impact

Led by Where the Best Get Better, the campaign was launched by NTC to mark National Sports Day 2019 – and it got off to a flying start, achieving 1 million hits within 1 week of launch!

And things only got better from there…

Our content was rolled out across both NTC and PSG’s social channels, generating amazing results across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube:

  • 8M impressions
  • 634K interactions
  • 3 million views

On top of this, two of our featured players – Thiago Silva and Ángel Di María – published the film to their social channels to a combined audience of 27.3m followers.

Suffice to say, the campaign was a huge success, and we’re incredibly proud to have been able to deliver such a special project that presents Qatar as a world-leading nation for sporting excellence.



As Adam Byars, Grid’s Co-Managing Director said:

‘Working with the team from The Edge has been an enriching experience. The team has the ability to draw on the world’s best creative talent combined with strong strategic, logistic and project management skills.

Grid’s affinity with The Edge was aligned to our combined passion and desire to do brave, ground breaking creative work. The Edge is a world class outfit that brings a new dimension of creativity and passion to the film industry.’

So: if you need a team to create world-class film content that will help you reach a global audience…

get in touch today.


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