Remote Filming Solutions: Piece-to-Camera

A professional Piece-to-Camera from the top can be very reassuring in turbulent times.

We recognise the need to minimise close contact right now, whilst also ensuring professional, regular communications are still reaching your workforce. We can offer a filming approach that reflects this. We work with a roster of very talented self-shooting Director/ DOP’s who operate as a one-person unit, which is key for keeping the crew numbers down.

We are able to travel to your office or home and can film indoors or outdoors  – whichever best suits your current situation and needs. Our crew would be required to sign declarations stating they and their household are free from symptoms of COVID-19 before heading to the filming locations.

Advantages of using Pieces-to-Camera:

  • With emails, phone calls and texts, intangible elements such as tone can get lost and can cause miscommunication. For senior leaders at the top, a 300-way-Skype call isn’t going to work – whereas a piece-to-camera filming allows you to address all of your employees, clients and customers with your message, in the tone intended. Essential to ensure a cool, calm and supported workforce.
  • This is also a great way to answer the influx of all questions that will most likely be flooding in at this time, and address any new company procedures. This can be a massive time-saver, leaving your hands free to deal with other pressing logistics.
  • At a time when we are self-isolating and human connection is limited, the mental health of your team can be low as a direct result. Seeing a friendly face on camera, feeling reassured, being issued a plan of action, can hugely improve team morality and team productivity. Keeping good mental health throughout your workforce and ensuring a positive and proactive workforce will be key to surviving these uncertain times.

As an example of how we can communicate board-level messages via film, in place of conferences and face-to-face meetings, we worked with ExxonMobil to create a film for the launch of their Brand Credo, a set of key values used to help define the characteristics all ExxonMobil employees should follow. We interviewed a number of employees such as Alastair Routledge, President of ExxonMobil Qatar and other senior leaders.


Right now the need to tighten the belt in times of uncertainty is understandable and we’re able to work with budgets of all sizes. We have 30 years of experience and we produce Piece-to-Camera films on a weekly basis for businesses in a wide range of sectors. The Edge is a full-service agency, which means we are able to create, host and distribute your content. Get in touch to see how we can help support your communication plans

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