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We’re Qatar’s leading TV Commercial Production Company

Based in Doha, Qatar, we’re a multi-award-winning film and video media production company who deliver world-leading films, video, and social media content in high-resolution for corporate and commercial clients. We specialise in high-quality, high-resolution films and video production for some of the biggest corporate and commercial company names in Doha, Qatar, and beyond.

Award-winning Film & Video Production Company

We live and breathe films and video production. It’s in the soul of every ‘Edgie’ (as we call ourselves), and our resolution is simple: we never settle for second best. From Doha, Qatar to the rest of the world, we’re driven to be the very best film production company. We push ourselves to create the best films, video, photography, and social media content for every corporate and commercial company and business alike. This has allowed us to collect over 700 awards from prestigious commercial and corporate film bodies around the world!

Experts In Video & Film Production In Qatar

Our success is built on 30 years making films. We pride ourselves on professional expertise, creativity, and trust, and we’re dedicated to creating great corporate and commercial films and video in Qatar. We balance the highest professional standards with creativity in our films, video, and social media content. We’re always seeking to broaden our horizons and push creative boundaries whenever we can.

We don’t simply want to make films that tick boxes – we make it our business to create films and video that challenge, films and video that also change minds.

Who We Work With

As the leading video production company in Doha, Qatar, we love working with clients old and new who share our passion for films, video production, and social media.

We work with clients across all walks of life in Doha, Qatar and beyond who want to utilise creative marketing to help spread their messages near and far. In our experience, there’s few better ways to connect your marketing efforts with new audiences, than through a great TVC!

Living The Dream In Doha, Qatar

We’re thrilled we can live our dream working with companies, businesses, and organisations across Qatar to produce films, video, and media of all kinds every day.

We love being based in Doha, Qatar, it’s the perfect location for us to share our expertise in commercial and corporate film and video production and create incredible TV Commercials for marketing campaigns of all kinds.

We’ve delivered commercial films and video production for some of the most prestigious names in business across Qatar including Al Jazeera, Qatar’s Government Communications Office, National Tourism Council, Mwani Qatar, and Ooredoo.

From vital government entities to NGOs and charities, sports clubs and beyond, we partner with many forward-thinking, innovative clients across Qatar who want to wield the marketing power of films, video production, and photography to tell their stories in creative ways.

From our first video project in Qatar for WCM-Q through to recent TV Commercials for Ooredoo and the National Tourism Council, we develop exciting relationships with new clients who share our desire to produce quality films, video, and social media content, and tell amazing stories.

We love being in Qatar and being a part of Qatar’s story, and our resolution is to help build a bright future for Qatar through our films. We love the enthusiasm and commitment that our clients have in contributing to Qatar’s ongoing success, and we love channelling that enthusiasm and commitment into creating great TV Commercials for Qatari clients.

Why Work with Us?

We’ve been in business for 30 years and gained a wealth of experience.

Working across Doha, Qatar and the rest of the world, we bring a huge amount of knowledge and creativity to the films, video, and media we produce for our clients throughout Qatar. It means we know how to use films to bring your story to life in exciting, engaging ways. We believe we have the best people, the best equipment, and the best ideas to offer in Qatar. We know what makes a great TVC and how to use films to connect with audiences across Qatar!

We’re always excited to take on any challenge and we jump at the chance to seize upon new opportunities to deliver world-class films and media content. Our production hub in Doha’s West Village allows us to meet to the various films, video, high-resolution photography, and social media needs of our many clients in Doha, Qatar and further afield.

Our clients include

Setting Us Apart

When it comes to film, video, and photography productions, we’re prepared for virtually every eventuality. As one of the world’s leading production companies based in Doha, Qatar, we understand the complexities of making films and can identify when we need to upscale our production services. To do this, we can call on our teams in London to support our productions here in Doha, Qatar when required.

Unlike many other production companies, we keep a well-maintained stock of equipment in-house. We have our own edit suites, our own high-resolution camera equipment for video and film production, high-resolution photography equipment, and high-end audio equipment. This set-up allows us to maintain absolute control over all aspects of the production process.

Our production services team help ensure every piece of film, video, and photography media we provide is of the correct resolution and the highest audio quality.

We’re always happy to team up with others, and we’re also completely at home when generating award-winning creative concepts using our internal teams.

Working with the Best

We’ve also built up a huge network of partners across Doha, Qatar and the wider region and it allows us to be flexible and creative in our production services. Whatever film, video, or social media content you need, we’ll find the answer.

We collaborate with industry experts across an array of disciplines, from TV broadcast to viral seeding, ensuring we cover every angle when it comes to making sure your films are as far-reaching as possible.

Maximising Value

We’re committed to squeezing every bit of value out of our media content for your marketing campaign, no matter the budget range. TV Commercials can play a huge role in any great marketing campaign, and there are many other creative tools available to maximise their impact.

We’re experts in creating films, video, and photography that engage across a range of channels, from broadcast to social media, so we’ll ensure your TV Commercial connects with your audience wherever they are.

Our creative media output goes beyond TV Commercials too. We provide services such as high-resolution photography production and creative consultancy, and we relish the opportunity to work our clients in an in-depth manner.

We’re able to advise on how we can help use our experience and skills to meet a whole range of communication needs and create films and video that connect across every possible channel.


TV Commercial Productions

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We’re proud to be the leading TV Commercial Production Company in Qatar today.

Vision 2030 is in Qatar’s sights and the exciting prospect of major international events coming to Qatar, such as FIFA World Cup 2022, means it’s a hugely exciting time to be making films, video, and high-resolution photography in Qatar.

The last year has been challenging, but our people have responded with resolution to keep pushing for the best. We’ve evolved and adapted to new ways of delivering TV commercials for our clients in Doha, Qatar and further afield – and we’d love to help you bring your vision to life!