World Cup Countdown: last-minute projects

“The deadline can’t move!”

“We need it for next week!”

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Yes, we’re talking about fast turnarounds – those unexpected projects that spring up at short notice… and simply need to get done!

These projects are often founded on great ideas, but the tight timeframes are less than ideal.

Nevertheless, there’s an answer to almost any problem and these situations are no different – it’s about knowing how to develop the right solution.

Smart decision-making, good communication, and a water-tight production strategy are key to delivering the original vision in these kinds of timeframes, whether it’s film, social content, or online marketing content.

Speaking of things that are fast-approaching, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is now only weeks away!

The countdown is on…

It’s the world’s biggest event – and it’s being held on our doorstep!

It may seem like a short amount of time, but there’s huge scope for new content creation during this period – and we’re on hand at a moment’s notice.

If you’ve identified a need for new content for advertising, sponsorships, partnerships, or any other kind of opportunity that you want to capitalise on, we’ve got the capacity and the skills to help; we’re experts in this kind of project delivery.


Local Experts at the ready

We’ve been working in Qatar since 2005, producing many high-profile films for some of the nation’s biggest organisations. In 2015, we set up a permanent base in Doha, and we’ve not looked back.



Working out of West Bay and supported by our Head Office in London, our hardworking team boast years of expertise and creativity and are at the ready to help at a moment’s notice. We’re able to meet the content creation needs of our many Qatari clients, particularly in the run-in to as big an event as the FIFA World Cup.


Our Process

Setting the right expectations and communication is vital for any project with a tight turnaround and the process doesn’t have to be daunting or stressful.

We’ve been working closely with FIFA and the Supreme Committee on many vital, high-profile films and projects to help Qatar prepare for the world’s biggest event. As just one example, you might recognise this one…

It’s the biggest project ever commissioned by the State of Qatar, and we delivered the final film – which has now been shared around the world – in less than 4 weeks!

Not only did we turn around this enormous project within the timeframe, but it’s now clocked over 11.5m views. It’s been a huge success for our clients as well as a showcase of our professionalism and ability to deliver world-class quality content under pressure – and we’re here to do the same for you.

What’s the secret to our success in delivering tight turnaround projects in speedy time?

  • Clear and constant communication is vital for any project, but especially on short turnarounds to make sure everyone knows progress and can be involved when required
  • Establish expectations / feasibility within timeframe to make sure all parties involved are working from the same script so the project kicks off quickly and can be delivered on time
  • A dedicated project team from beginning to end that allows for continuity of personnel, building relationships between all parties involved, and a unified, cohesive approach which ensures project delivery on target
  • Identify key decision makers at the beginning of the project to ensure scheduled sign-off procedures are agreed and scheduled to avoid delays
  • No project creep! There’s always a risk of a project moving away from its original agreed goals and specs – and this increases on projects with compressed timeframes. Our ethos and procedures includes agreeing key milestones to ensure we stay on task and on schedule from start to finish.



Maximing Your Reach

These kinds of projects usually focus on film production, but we’re also equipped to handle a variety of other requirements such as website design / creation and developing marketing campaigns for social media.

Alongside trusted specialist partners, we’ve worked with many of our clients across the years to deliver bespoke online media content, giving us significant expertise which we’d love to use to help you maximise the impact of your ideas to their fullest extent.

We’ve got the skills, expertise, and depth of talent to meet your needs and realise your vision in quick time.

So: if you’ve got any last-minute projects which require a quick turnaround before the tournament kicks off, get in touch!







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